BASIC BRITISH is now an AUTHORIZED VICTORIA BRITISH & MOSS MOTORS DISTRIBUTOR for new spares. Let us save you money on your new parts orders. Simply give us the MOSS or VICTORIA BRITISH part number or a description, and email us for a quote!

We also carry many types of used spare parts for the SPRIDGET. This is a current listing of our spare parts inventory at present. Most fit 1967-1974 Spridgets. Please feel free to call upon us if you have a particular need that is not listed, or perhaps if you have extra spares you would like to sell. Digital pictures of spares may be had for the asking.

Need a part? Please contact us as we may be able to locate it!

1275 rods $15 each

1275 cam cover $15

1275 front engine plate $15

1275 push rods $10 set

1275 oil pump $10

Front 3/4 inch sway bar $90

Midget steering column surrounds $20

Brake dual line master cyl. (NEW) $100

Steering racks $25

Steering column $20

Front coil springs $5ea

Wiper motors $25

Blower motors $15

Heater cores $15

Doors for wind-up windows $25

Side glass $10-$20ea

Radio box $10

Fuel filler tube $5

Gas tank 71 Midget $35

Back up lens $2ea

Split rear bumpers $35pr

License plate bracket $5

Dash switches $10ea

Headlamp stalk switch $45

Turn signal stalk switch $45

Fuse block $5

Interior misc. trim $1-$5

Door pulls $2ea

Window winder mech. passenger side $10

Misc. gauges $15-$50ea

Wiper arms $5ea

Side marker lites and lens $5-$15ea

Rear lites and lens $5-$15

Interior panels $5-$20ea

Rear bulkhead panel (cutouts for speakers) $25

Midget letter logos $5 per side

Valve cover $10

Early Rostyle wheels $25 ea.

Windshield washer bottle $5

Many rubber pieces and trim

Rebuilt Lucas starter never used $50

MUCH MORE!! If you don't see it listed, ask! Don't forget, we also are an AUTHORIZED MOSS MOTORS and VICTORIA BRITISH distributor for new spares! Shipping charges are additional.